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Well if I had to start of a new website and blog with any wedding this one would be just the one! Adele and Mike are a wonderful couple and I had the pleasure of meeting them on two occasions prior to the wedding. “Excited” would probably be a slight understatement when it came to Adele’s approach to her day and rarely have I seen such a happy happy happy bride all day long! I seriously think she is smiling in all 700+ images.

You tend to learn with experience that a lot of venues in Spain are not always where they should be! Despite 2 Sat Navs, printed maps, printed google earth images, we were still struggling to find the place, fortunately we discovered it eventually thanks to another lost vendors van! ( Sorry Richard ).

Hotel la Almoraima is a real beauty of a venue! I absolutley love going to new venues and this one is right up there with the best. A stunning onsite chapel, beautifully appointed rooms, and courtyards, a tower! I could go on but this place really does have it all.

The wedding itself was an itimate affair with Adele and Mike’s closest family and friends with a lovely ceremony held in the on site chapel. The great thing about smaller weddings is being able to spend a little time in some nice light and Adele and Mike were great at being ready to go when the light was at its best. Dinner and speeches were held out on the main area at the front of the house followed by dancing and partying in the courtyard inside.

Always a shame to leave such a lovely wedding but after a late night trip to the top of the tower! ( Adele your crazy ) for a few last minute portraits it was time to call it a night. Definitely one to remember! and a great pleasure meeting and working with such great people.

Big thanks to the following:


Scott, Sunshine Weddings

Hotel la Almoraima

Sweet Things by Fi

Kathryn Parr

Virginia Florista

Richard Hadley






Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima001Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima002 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima003 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima004 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima005 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima006 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima007 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima008 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima009Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima035

Above: Richard HadleyWedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima010 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima011 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima012 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima013 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima014Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima015 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima016 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima017 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima018 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima019 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima020 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima021 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima022Wedding_Photographer_La_Almoraima_Hotel007.jpg Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima023 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima024 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima025 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima026 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima027 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima028 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima029 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima030 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima031 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima032 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima033 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima034 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima036

Above: Richard Hadley Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima037

Above: Richard Hadley Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima038

Above: Richard Hadley Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima039

Above: Richard Hadley Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima040 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima041 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima042 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima043 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima044 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima045 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima046 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima047 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima048 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima049 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima050 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima051 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima052 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima053 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima054 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima055 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima056 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima057 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima058 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima059 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima060 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima061 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima062 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima063 Wedding_Photography_Hotel_la_Almoraima064 Wedding_Photographer_Spain

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