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“I have been looking around for a photographer and they all looked the same… and then I came across your photos. They are not wedding photos, they are pieces of art!”

Well, some wedding enquires really do get your attention and this one certainly ticked all the boxes – and then some!

Mallorca (check!)

Puro Beach (check!)

Pacha (check!)

Big party (check!)

Gorgeous people (check!)

Alexis got in touch earlier in the year from Montreal and it was certainly as epic as it sounded.  After Alexis initial email, I was really hoping that this was one wedding I would be lucky enough to shoot!

August 8th 2013 the big day arrived – and so did I on the first flight from Malaga. Alexis has a real talent for finding great places and the Convent de la Missio pretty much confirmed my views that this couple have exceptional taste in everything. After the usual excitement it was time for the main event and a short drive to Puro Beach, it doesn’t need much describing, a very pretty spot and a very cool place for a wedding.

Family friends and guests from far and wide assembled on the roof top terrace to soak in the amazing views before Alexis arrived just after sunset (she actually arrived just before, but you know how it is, “when in Spain”) and the ceremony took place with views out to the ocean and vows read from smart phones which is the only way this couple would do things!

Dinner and drinks and more drinks under the stars were next on the agenda followed by some really lovely speeches full of emotion and humour. By midnight people were getting itchy feet and this is where the wedding really started to get a bit different. I would say I am a very experienced destination photographer, I travel a lot and to all kinds of different places and weddings of different faiths and nationalities, but I can safely say this will probably be a one off! A wedding after-party at Pacha VIP section! I think the image of Alexis with her hands on two cans of Red Bull just before she disembarked the bus pretty much summed up what was to come!

I have not been clubbing for a while and when we first arrived at Pacha I did start to worry that there may not be much dancing! And I that I might not even be allowed to photograph it, I went with the Spanish approach of do it anyway and apologise later. I personally love shooting the party and dancing! it is a great chance to document people having an amazing time. I have shot in castles, on beaches, but nothing can really prepare you for shooting in a famous nightclub in Palma in August with a top DJ and the wedding party. These places are not styled or set up for wedding photographers so I was actually amazed I got anything… when I say I had not room to move I mean I had NO room to move! (If you’ve been there, you’ll know what I’m talking about…)

A crazy wedding and a lovely wedding, in so many ways! And one that I will always remember. Especially for the warmth of Alexis and Nathaniel, and for their epic day. Thanks guys for a great adventure and really hope you enjoy and treasure the images.


A big thanks to:

Puro Beach Palma

Pacha Mallorca

Convent de la Missio


Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding02 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding03 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding04 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding05 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding06 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding07 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding08 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding09 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding10 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding11 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding12 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding13 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding14 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding15 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding16 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding17 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding18 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding19 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding20 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding21 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding22 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding23 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding24 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding25 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding26 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding27 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding28 Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding29

Puro_Beach_Mallorca_Wedding30 Pacha_Nightclub_Mallorca_Wedding01 Pacha_Nightclub_Mallorca_Wedding31 Pacha_Nightclub_Mallorca_Wedding32 Pacha_Nightclub_Mallorca_Wedding33 Pacha_Nightclub_Mallorca_Wedding34 Pacha_Nightclub_Mallorca_Wedding35 Pacha_Nightclub_Mallorca_Wedding36 Pacha_Nightclub_Mallorca_Wedding37 Pacha_Nightclub_Mallorca_Wedding38 Pacha_Nightclub_Mallorca_Wedding39 Pacha_Nightclub_Mallorca_Wedding40

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