A few weeks back it was Ruth’s first wedding back only a few weeks after giving birth to Winnie. I had been communicating with Anjum for many months up to  the wedding and although I was not hired to shoot the wedding I was there for a few hours and I could not resist the chance to share a few. If you would like to check out Ruth’s amazing images then please click below.


Thanks for letting me document mart of your day Anjum and Spencer and hope you enjoy the images.

Thanks to:

Lisa Bella Weddings
Gorgeous Event Decoration 
Chowka Indian Restaurant
Kevin Williams Minister
Naiara Castillejo violinist 
DJ Tristan 
Make up by Lyndsey Cavanagh
Hair by Vera Keinanan

Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5018 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5032 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5057 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5132 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5246 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5379 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5391 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5447 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5474 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5573 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5634 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5671 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5745 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5781 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5868 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5878 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5906 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5932 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY5975 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY6002 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY6061 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY6068 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY6139 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY6151 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY6364 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY6421 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY6449 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY6773 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY6837 Anjum_Spencer_JEREMY6886


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