“Would you like to document a Moroccan, Pakistani, Canadian, (and numerous other nations) wedding? We love your style” Absolutely! any wedding that consists of more dancing than it does sitting down will always get my vote and I knew this would be the perfect ingredients for an epic wedding and party.

I know Santa Catalina in Malaga pretty well, the last time I was there I had to do battle with a “Hello” magazine photographer so it was nice to be able to work with more freedom and my trusty remote cameras.

Farah and her sisters and beautiful bridesmaids all got ready in the bridal suite, along with many friends and family, I love having a lot to photograph and I could not be happier than in a room surrounded by beautiful people, Sari´s and a box of donuts!

Mehdi´s prep was a little more subdued, shower, change, dress, and ready! A beautiful ceremony was kindly conducted by Farahs uncle in the soaring July heat. Everybody managed to keep still just about long enough for canapés and cocktails before the sound of the beating drums welcomed everyone to dancing under the stars, occasionally interrupted for dinner.

After much dancing came much more dancing! It is s fair to say everyone had an amazing time, including myself. Big thanks to Farah & Mehdi for inviting me to be part of such a special day, hope you enjoy a few of my favourites and all the other images.


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