Charlotte + Lee | Cortijo Bravo Wedding

Glamorous, chic, elegant ( and Lee crying loads ) were the words Charlotte used to describe her wedding and she was not wrong! Back in June I made my way  to Velez Malaga for the long awaited wedding of Charlotte + Lee and of course not forgetting Louis. Corjito Bravo is a stunning setting about 30 minutes from Malaga and always nice to have the ceremony and reception all at the same place.

Kathryn Parr had the responsibility to make some very beautiful ladies even more beautiful and as ever did an amazing job. After all the glamour of the prep it was time for the ceremony conducted in typical style by Padre Peter. It really was a stunning setting and plenty of emotion during a moving ceremony.

After cocktails and canapés at the front of the hotel it was time to unveil the transformation by Laura and Michael! they really made Corjito Bravo look amazing with stunning decor and lighting. As you can imagine the party went on till the very wee hours and a fabulous time was had by all.

Charlotte and Lee thanks so much for being so great to work with and really hope you treasure the images for years to come.


Super big thanks to!

Michael + Laura

Kathryn Parr

Monkey Tennis

Cortijo Bravo



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