Eimear & Stu were one of the first couples to book me for 2014 and a fair amount of banter went on discussing Stu’s love of Aston Villa and mine of Norwich but the less said about that the better.

Corito Bravo is a lovely wedding just outside Velez Malaga and the perfect spot for the big day. Eimear is in the “industry” so did her own makeup in the beautiul bridal suite with bridesmaids and kids! Stu and the boys crammed as many of themselves as they could into one room and did eventually get ready.

So to the main event! The ceremony took place on the main terrace with a hot August sun reminding guests they were certainly not in Ireland anymore! after a lovely ceremony it was time for refreshing drinks and canapés before some very amusing speeches, surprise “Arsenal” cake for Conor and a lovely dinner.

After dinner it was time to get everyone into a frenzy! and of course what better way than a massive pinyata! the things kids (and some adults) will do for a few sweets…..

Dancing under the stars to the silky tunes of DJ Tristan and an impromptu drum solo by Eimear were the signal to get the party started and when I left I would say everyone was very committed!

Thanks for a great day guys! and hope you enjoy a few of my favourites. Big thanks to Nerja Weddings by Sonya always so great to work with.




Jeremy, I love your images and your style. Great work!