Dalia + Robin | The Dorchester

It was a real honour and privilege to be asked to document the breathtaking wedding of Robin and Dalia at the iconic Dorchester hotel in London. Being asked to photograph any wedding is always a real privilege, but when the bride happens to be a photo editor for Conde Nast and the groom an international designer then it does become a real honour.

Ruth and I have documented many amazing weddings in very glamorous locations, but 300 people at the Dorchester is about as big as it gets, with Massimo Serini taking care of the beauty and Jason Bell in charge of the formal photos we were in pretty good company.

After the posed photos it was time for the Tish and Bedeken, conducted by Rabbi Lau the Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel. The Chuppah looked stunning for the arrival of the wedding party. Space around the Chuppah was at a premium so after having to gently “nudge” a few Rabbi’s in the knees I managed to get a good spot; moving was not really an option and being tall was definitely an advantage on this occasion.

If you have been lucky enough to have been to a Jewish wedding then you will know all about the dancing (if you After dinner and some touching speeches it was, of course, time for more dancingDalia and Robin were such great sports – the four of us were the last to leave and even managed a very quick portrait shoot at 3am….

Some weddings you really never forget and this definitely falls into that category. A massive thanks to Ruth and her ninja skills and always being in the right place at the right time.

It was great working with such great professionals, especially the team from atmotion and Chia from Tony Page. And a huge thanks to Dalia and Robin – I really hope you enjoy our images and can`t wait to get to start working on your album.

All the Best,

Jeremy & Ruth

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