This has been a great year for travelling, after weddings in Madrid and Portugal it was time to make a trip to one of my absolute favourite wedding destinations in Spain (other than parking), Seville! I had been to the Alcazar suites in the past and it was great to be asked by Heather and Chris to document such a great day.

A small part of close family and friends from the USA joined them in this amazing roof top wedding venue in Seville with its stunning vies of the Cathedral, and also a great spot for a “Royal” wave to the crowds at the Alcazabar. After a beautiful ceremony, within walking distance to the venue everyone made there way back for canapés and cocktails whilst soaking up the amazing views.

After a beautiful dinner, and some very entertaining speeches it was time for a spot of dancing. I am sure the party continued for quite some time! A real pleasure working with you all and hope you like a few of my favourites and the full galleries and slideshow.



(Big thanks: Jenny the Spanish Wedding Planner)

Suite_Alcazar_Seville_Wedding001 Suite_Alcazar_Seville_Wedding002 Suite_Alcazar_Seville_Wedding003 Suite_Alcazar_Seville_Wedding004 Suite_Alcazar_Seville_Wedding005 J85_3575
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