Pretty much every year I am fortunate enough to make the trip up the windy road that leads to the wonderful Palacete de Cazulas. At the end of June it was time to join the lovely Ingrid + Matt for their intimate wedding escape.

All of the wedding preparation took place in the main house, whilst the lovely Ingrid was busy being pampered in the bridal suite, the very dapper looking Matt was more than ready for the ceremony in his very sharp suit.

I have never documented a wedding at Cazulas on the main terrace and lawn. It offers amazing views down the valley to Otivar and beyond to the Med.

Ingrid and the girls made their way through the gardens to join Matt, friends and family for a lovely ceremony. It is always nice to add an element to the ceremony that people won’t forget, Ingrid, Matt and guests playing the Kazoo was certainly memorable.

Cocktails and canapés were the order of the day as family and friends mingled on the terraces whilst enjoying some Spanish guitar.

After a lovely dinner and the sun finally starting to set, it was time for some lovely speeches before guests enjoyed dancing under the stars by the pool, sounds idyllic?  It certainly was.

Thanks so much guys for inviting me to document your day, really hope you enjoy all the images, and look forward  following your diving and boarding adventures :)

Many thanks to:

The lovely Palacete de Cazulas

Fiesta Sol Catering



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