Jane + Ronan | La Cabane Wedding

La Cabane is a stunning venue for a wedding and the perfect fit for the wedding of Jane & Ronan. Believe it or not the choice of great beach wedding venues on the coast is not vast but La Cabane has all the style and sophistication to make it one of the best. The ceremony took place under cloudless skies ( and no wind! ) and Padre Peter was on top form and conducted a lovely ceremony.

After cocktails over looking the Mediterranean the guests were treated to the gorgeous pool side setting of La Cabane and enjoyed fine dining under the stars along with some great speeches. After dinner it was time to let lose inside with some impromptu line dancing ( hilarious ) and partying hard till the wee hours!

A memorable day indeed! Really hope you enjoy a few of my faves and can’t wait to design a very beautiful album for you both.


Big thanks to:

Liza Mayne

Sweet things by Fi

La Cabane

La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding01La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding03 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding02 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding04 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding05 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding06 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding07 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding08 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding09 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding10 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding11 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding12 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding13 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding14 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding15 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding16 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding17 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding18 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding19 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding20 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding21 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding22 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding23 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding24 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding25 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding26 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding27 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding28 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding29 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding30 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding31 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding32 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding33 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding34 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding35 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding36 La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding37La_Cabane_Marbella_Wedding38


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