I always love a trip to Mallorca for a wedding, and back in July I had the great privilege of documenting the wedding of Josefin and Erik. The stunning venue of Cas Xorc near Deia was the setting for a day and night of celebrations and partying. Josefin & Erik are from Sweden and were joined by family and friends for an epic wedding celebration.

All of the prep took place at Cas Xorc before everyone made there way to the beautiful little church in Deia. After a lovely (if not a little warm) ceremony we all made our back to the venue for cocktails and a sumptuous feast along with the Swedish tradition of lots and lots of speeches.

As the sunset and the evening drew in it was time for the part to really begin, sparklers and Mojitos were served before Josefin & Erik really let their hair down and the party began in earnest!

Thanks so much to you and your families for making me feel so welcome and can´t wait to present you with your beautiful wedding album. J

Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc001 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc002 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc003 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc004 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc005 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc006 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc007 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc008 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc009 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc010 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc011 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc012 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc013 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc014 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc015 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc016 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc017 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc018 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc019 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc020 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc021 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc022 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc023 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc024 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc025 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc026 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc027 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc028 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc029 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc030 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc031 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc032 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc033 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc034 Wedding_Photography_Mallorca_Cas_Xorc035


Great work: very interesting angles, great composition and nice use of natural light:)