A couple of weeks ago myself and Jennifer were fortunate enough to photograph the wedding of Leilani and Eric from San Francisco, the wedding itself was held in the stunning gardens of a private villa in Mijas and was made to look amazing by the very talented Laura from Reviva.

We split the time for Leilani and Eric over 2 days which gave us the great opportunity to shoot some really stunning portraits, very rarely do we get so much time with so it was a real treat for us. Hope you enjoy the images guys.

A few of my favorites and also don´t forget to check out the slideshow above. The first image, check out the butterflies !!!!!!! only realised they were in the shot when we got back home, and yes the donkey did very nearly flatten me!! in case you are wondering.

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Lovely work, Jeremy. Completely inspiring.

oops.. I meant Joe Buissink

WAIT A MINUTE… ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????????? These are off the hook! The one of the bride walking away, is a la Joe Bussink or WHAT… jeeze, so beautiful Jeremy! I love love love this set. LOVE. xo

Great set! You got some real moments there. And I love the tree shot.

really great work here, well done

Great work! Thanks so much – we had a fun time roaming around Mijas – thanks for capturing these images…you are a great artist 🙂

Awesome dude! Some of your best. Light, Background, Foreground and Subject = awesome images.

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