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People often ask if I have favourite venues or places and I always have the same reply: ” Its all about the people” and it is. Over the years you do tend to get a pretty good idea of how a wedding might pan out based on various criteria. What I do know is that I love! Jewish weddings and having documented several Dutch weddings the combination or both is one that is irresistible! Being more of a documentary photographer I do tend to rely on a certain amount of “action” and a Dutch, Jewish wedding has action in abundance! throw in lots of cool kids, cool guests, awesome vendors and thats pretty much all you need, the rest generally takes care of itself.

So. Mabel & Yasha are a charming couple from Amsterdam with adorable children, they contacted me a long time ago and as I may have mentioned I was really looking forward to this one.

Mabel and all the ladies were in very safe hands with the lovely Lorraine taking care of all the glamour in the bridal suite at Hacienda San Jose. The ceremony took palace under the chuppah on the lawn with wonderfully attired guests sporting sombrero’s. This was not my first wedding with the lovely Vicki Rhodes but my first ceremony with her and she did a great shop conducting a “busy” ceremony and I think the lollies and sweets for bribing children worked a treat, she also has an array of crystals and shiny things that would put Harry Potter to shame and are great to photograph.

After such a wonderful ceremony it was time to make our way the “2 white chairs” and of course some Israeli dancing!  the fact it was outdoors added to the wildness and it was a treat to document. Time for everyone to cool off with some refreshing cocktails and of course loads of Heineken and canapés in the courtyard.

One of the reasons I love Dutch weddings is of course the fact the Dutch are very cool people and they also like to get involved. Speeches are a great time for any wedding and provide emotive moments from all directions, despite it being VERY dark Ruth was amazing at helping out enabling us to capture some very unique images.

The party! of course the party! DJ ROB was on the decks and nightclub HSJ was rocking in no time! we were also treated to Mabel singing a duet to Yahsa! Dutch X-factor look out! I have gone a bit OTT with this post but an epic wedding deserves an epic post so really hope you enjoy a few faves from myself and Ruth.

I can’t thank the following enough for all being such great professionals and always a joy to work with especially the lovely ladies ( and boys) at Fiesta Sol for giving me the opportunity to document such amazing days. Here’s to many more!


Fiesta Sol

Princess Bride

DJ Rob (check out his new site)

Keyka (the violin dude)

Vicki Rhodes minister

The Clown

Hacienda San Jose

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