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Welcome to the page on. wedding photo and video Spain. How is our Photography Video different? We work with very small highly skilled small teams to cover weddings and events of all sizes and religions.

Experience plays a very large part in our ability to document weddings together with great efficiency, and cover events with the 2 or 3 of use when many others may require 4 or 6 . We believe in a documentary approach, capturing all the often unseen unscripted moments, along with honest portraits, every beautiful detail, dodgy bit of dancing, but most importantly your story, just the way your remember it with timeless imagery and film.

We do out best not to stand out, using small lightweight equipment, we don't get in the way, and having worked together so often we have developed a sixth sense, being on the same team means we always get the best angles and never miss a thing.

Pooja & Gurpal | 3 day Indian Wedding | Marbella

Sophie | Jerry | Finca la Concepcion

Danielle & Daniel | Wedding photography in Granada

Gindy & Sukh | Sikh Wedding | Jeremy & Ruth

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