Way back in earlier September it was time to make the short journey to Nerja and meet up with Mary & Diarm. After a couple of phone calls and emails I could tell this was the kind of wedding I love to document. Mary and Diarmuid are both originally from Cork and from what I gather then spent many years in various other countries but not always at the same time, or something like that.

So naturally they now live in Zurich. Guests from all over Europe were at the ceremony in the charming litle church in Maro. It is always great when a family friend conducts the mass and Fr. Noel Kehoe made for a musical, moving and sometimes amusing ceremony.

After the ceremony it was back to Roca Rara near Nerja for cocktails and canapes before some lovely speeches and the partying into the night courtesy of Ian Prestonand the amazing music of Roberto Cantero. A huge thanks to Jenny, The Spanish wedding plannerand the team for running a great day.

Mary & Diarm also took advatage of the PhotoBooth and to view these please Click here

Great working with you both and really hope you enjoy a few ( actually alot ) of my faves from the day.


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