Muriel + Jonathan | Finca la Concepcion | Marbella

Amazing wedding, amazing party, or both, both of course! I probably only document about one jewish wedding a year unfortunatley so I was very keen for the wedding of Muriel and Jonathan to come around and oh boy was it worth the wait. Of course the setting of Finca La Concepcion is one thing but having all your close family and friends around is another and having what must go down as one of the all time best wedding dance parties is something else.

Watching the rehearsal the day before I did get a good idea that dancing and music would play a big part in this wedding and from dancing down the aisle from the bridal party dancing and music was pretty much non stop until the very early hours. We have all been to those weddings where no one dances but this is probably the only wedding I have been to when no-one would stop dancing! box after box of party hats and props arrived on the dance floor every half hour and I must say combined with some pretty awesome DJ ing from Ian Preston it was a party I will not forget in a hurry, although several that were in attendance may.

Later in the evening we were all treated to a guest appearance from “Prince” Jonathan is a huge fan and the image of him playing air guitar without a care in the world is probably one of my favourites from the entire wedding.

A huge thanks to you both for making it such an amazing wedding and if your guests did not get a chance to view the Photobooth images please do.

Really looking forward to designing your album with you both


Big thanks to:
Heather and the team at Fiesta Sol
Ian Preston and Red Bull
Sweet things by Fi

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