Well here we go for 2012! And what a great way to start with the wedding of Olga and Tino. Olga contacted me pretty late in the planning stages and actually booked when we were in Udaipur ( India ) of all places. No less than three days back from India it was off to one of my most favourite places the stunning island of Mallorca, if you haven’t been then trust me you should go it really is a magical island.

The wedding itself was a full on day! with two ceremonies in one day, the first one in the registry office in Palma followed by a civil ceremony at the S’olivaret a very pretty venue. ¬†After the ceremony it was time for drinks and canopies before dinner and plenty of speeches and dancing.

A big thanks to you all for making it such a memorable day! Really hope you enjoy a few of my favorite images from the day.


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