Rica and Devon are a fabulous couple from London whose wedding I had the great pleasure to document back at the end of August. Rica actually got in touch in 2013! with lots of great ideas and it was wonderful to see it all come together on the day. Preparation was the usual calm followed by excitement (panic) and we literally got to the church just in time and nowhere near on-time, but with Rica being half Spanish it was all good.

After a beautiful ceremony at Parroquia de San Pedro y San Pablo church, Palacio de los Cordova is the perfect venue to enjoy the amazing views and only a short walk away. Everyone enjoyed the breathtaking views of the Alhambra whilst enjoying fabulous cocktails and canapés.

 With dinner and some lovely speeches under the stars it was of course time to party! Palacio de los Cordova has a great courtyard inside that look fantastic and made for some very entertaining dance routines, a beautiful dessert bar, very cool Photo Booth were just a few of the “Little things” that made this wedding so beautiful.

 A real privilege to document your day for you both and really hope you enjoy a few images below and the full galleries.

Big thanks to:

Princess bride (makeup)

Jose (fixer)

Ensu (Video)

Angeles, Alhambra Weddings

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