Part 2! and if you missed Simran + Chris part 1  here it is. Well I said it was an epic wedding and it was as epic as it was long!  After all the colour and emotion of the morning it was time for more! After the guests had a little chill out back in Sitges it was time for the second wedding celebration back at Almiral de la font.

There was a slight sense of deja vu as the makeup girls got started on Simran’s next transformation. As the evening sun set the guests returned for more cocktails before and a candle lit ceremony in the Villa. The ceremony was not a complicated affair but once again you could really feel the emotion around the room shared by so many friends and loved ones.

After a short dinner interval! ( FYI the curry and all food was amazing! ) it was time to really get the party started and Jermaine and his band had everyone partying till the wee small hours and even the local police turned up to wish them well and if they wouldn’t mind awfully turning the music down a bit.

So after 2 days in Sitges with Richard between us we shot over 8000 images and on the “wedding (s) day ” shot for around 19 hours. Would I do that again in a hurry? Absolutely YES!

Huge thanks to Simran & Chris for being such amazing hosts and all the wonderful guests!

Thanks to the following:

Almiral de la Font 

Judit Wedding Barcelona

Jermaine Fleur + band

Pere | Video



Great photos, love to look! Also been twice @ Almiral de la font as a makeup artist and always keen to return here! Good luck!

Fantastic Collection. Just found your site and I love your colouring and lighting. Will keep you in my RSS feed!

Wow, lovely work – LOVE the mirror shot with the groom, still trying to work out the angles for that one!

Simran and Chris

To the most amazing photographer that we have ever known!


Smiles cannot capture how we feel
Our tears barely end before starting all over again
We are still processing it all!
We can’t seem to find the right words, but when we do.. you’ll be getting a copy of that chapter!


Jeremy, you are so incredibly talented in your field. The photographs (a word that barely skims the surface to describe your art) blew us away. We have not been able to respond because of the sheer enormity and impact they had on us. Your artistic talent has astonished us completely. We don’t know what to say (even more so now)!

We feel this message doesn’t even begin to capture how we felt with looking at the images!
We have viewed each image for hours on end. It took us 4 days to look at them all, and its going to take months to absorb the emotions you captured. You gave us the best Christmas present in our marriage so far! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!

We honestly don’t know how you did it. Sorted, edited and put finishing touches on all images, Plus a slide show that released tears at the first melody. UNREAL! You are truly remarkable and it was the best decision ever to have hired you!

Big Bear hugs to you, Richard and your fantastic team! You are EPIC!


Speak soon!

Simran & Chris

These photographs are breathtaking! Nice work!