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I would be the first to admit that in most parts of my life I am happier doing one thing (Men and multi-tasking), with the exception of two things I love, photography and video (or film, which sounds cooler).

So, photo & video, I could write for days on the styles, approaches and variables of photographers and videographers, suffice to say there is no shortage of choice, but I would always encourage anyone investing in something as important as either photography or video, to do your research beyond IG take a really good look at their current portfolio or website and on a bigger screen than a phons.

I consider myself to be in a slightly unique position in so much that I work with the photographers and the videographers so not only have I learned a huge amount I know my way around both with extensive experience of all types of weddings.

My “Fusion” collection is definitely unique, and is designed for smaller weddings, elopements and couples that enjoy creative photography and film (video). I am sure that many of you will have been to weddings and seen teams of photographers and videographers sometimes in staggering numbers,  I once photographed a wedding with Ruth and there were 5 videographers?  so the concept of one person doing both can seem strange but in the current climate it can be the perfect solution financially and ideal for smaller, more private and intimate weddings. 

For larger weddings, or wedding that are more complex I would always recommend the collections on offer with Ruth of, we offer very competitive rates for photo & video and have documented all kinds of weddings on the Costa de Sol and Marbella area. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions, a few that have been asked previously are below. Please enjoy some sample images and film.

“What is the “Fusion collection”?

It is a collection of photography and video both captured and edited by Jeremy Standley. 

Does the Fusion collection work for all weddings?”

I don’t suggest this collection unless your wedding is all staged at one venue, the prep, ceremony, party and also usually under 50 guests, but it does depend on the style of your wedding and I will always advise you if I think the collection is not suitable for your expectations.

“How can you capture both?”

Well, without boring or giving away too many “secrets” for the most part a wedding day is not a fast paced event. Other than certain elements of the ceremony the photographer & film maker are not really needed to do the same things at the same time, the ceremony I cover with multiple cameras, so in a nutshell, YES, I can and do capture both as part of the Fusion collection. 

“Is it just you or do you have an assistant?”

Just me! That is a large part of the idea, not having too many people, unless I feel I need someone for a technical reason or you have hired a drone pilot it will just be me and my cameras. 

“How long does it take to complete the photos & video?”

8 - 10 weeks, you will receive previews of photo & video within 2 weeks. 

“Can you tell us more about what we receive in terms of photo & video”

Absolutely, just send me an email to or complete my contact form

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