Vivienne & Michael | Gibraltar

February 24, 2020, was the first email I had from V&M, and here we are some 20 months later, changes of venue, numerous postponements, lots of guests to only 3, huge respect for them both for managing to get through all the challenges and celebrate in Gibraltar.

I have been going to Gibraltar for a very long time, and my Grandad was treasurer of the Gibraltar jockey club from 1934 to 1939, and its definitely somewhere I have a connection with, however not to the extent that Vivienne does, she has the co-ordinates of Gibraltar tattooed on her shoulder which is so cool!

It was so great to finally get to meet Vivienne, Michael, and Mum and friends, despite the clouds, and wind, I would say it was most definitely a day to remember.

Thanks for having me along for the day, hope you enjoy the film and photos.

All the very best,


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